UFOs – The “White House Lawn” Question

What would happen if UFOs really landed on the White House Lawn?
UFOs White House Lawn
"Earth vs. The Flying Saucers" 1956

UFOs White House Lawn

This popular question has become a famous challenge to enthusiasts nation wide, but the implications are much bigger than most people realize. Interestingly enough, this exact scenario actually has the potential to destroy the world as we know it.

Exaggerated as that may sound, coming to terms with this new reality will be difficult for most everyone to comprehend, and it’s effects will ripple into nearly every aspect of our society. Such an abrupt shift in our perspective would have us as a civilization restructuring our whole world before we have the chance to pick up where we left off. Everything from our economy, religion, government, and science to our place in the universe and the meaning of life will be undone and in need of second look.

Take Me to Your Leader

In this scenario, take a moment to imagine your daily routine – but this time take notice how the world around you seemed to stop as every television, every website, and radio station was seized by breaking news of ‘global importance’. Live feeds struggling to hold a steady shot of an exotic unidentified craft making contact with the ground outside the White House.

Reporters in the field making history as they relay to their audiences that the craft they are witnessing cannot be identified by the Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, or the United States Air Force. A door begins to take form, and a peculiar silhouette can be seen inside the craft. The deafening silence from an awestruck nation is pierced by the muffled shrieks of terrified onlookers both on-site and within your own proximity.

“For the first time, we know we are not alone…”

Suddenly and forever, the world has changed. In these first few hours phone calls, texts, and emails will back-up the system with witnesses reaching out to loved ones for support, and assurances of well being. Websites will be slow from a nation passionately digging for more information.

To some, this moment has challenged everything they’ve known to be true their entire lives. Believers and non-believers alike will be asking the same question, “Can this really be happening?”

The population is reacting in much the same way we witness in times of disaster. Sports teams postpone games, flights are grounded, and people flood the highways on their way to gather in churches and homes for support and help coming to terms with what has just happened. Assuming the extraterrestrial (E.T.) emissary had little to say, questions permeate the atmosphere during this time of gathering, “Are we safe?” “What do they want?” “Are there more?

Baptism by Fire

Assured that the video was no trick of visual effects, people turn to their faith to help them make sense of what they’ve witnessed. Religions around the world are now faced with the larger question, “How do these E.T.’s fit into God’s plan?”

It’s largely been anticipated that contact of this nature would bring about a religious crisis around the world. Although many religions are anthropomorphic in nature, seeing humanity as the center of God’s design, recurring studies done in 1994, 2002, and 2010 have consistently found that the religious are apparently not as afraid of contact as expected.

The 2010 study titled, The Peters ETI Religious Crisis Survey interviewed 1,300 respondents aligned with 7 major religions worldwide in an attempt to see if religious persons would have a crisis of belief when confronted with the reality of an intelligent E.T. civilization. Surprisingly the studies have shown them to be resilient in the face of this hypothetical meeting.

The Word of God was written for us on Earth to reveal the creator….Why should we repudiate the idea that God may have created other civilizations to bring him glory in the same way? – Anonymous Respondent 5

The survey showed on average, 80% of those questioned expected the news not to affect their own beliefs. Although, the data also showed members of all creeds hold a high expectation that religions – other than their own – would experience a crisis of faith.

UFOs White House Lawn

source unknown

This unexpected confidence for religious crisis from within the spiritual community shows a potential for upheaval.

In this way, religious leaders will need to be careful about their judgments of these E.T.’s. A quick Youtube search reveals many who already believe UFO craft and their occupants to be demonic in nature. Encouraging this belief would spread fear among the devout, who may feel empowered to take a stance against a perceived demonic presence invading their world.

A congregation vigilant of the ‘end-times’ may be seen as an obstruction to progress at best. At worst, a militant faith may be dealt with as a terrorist presence in an already unstable time. Quelling fear will be the most important task the religious will have to face following a first contact scenario in this manner.

Jump the Gun

But the religious won’t be the only ones needing to deal with their fears. Much of our cinema and television has depicted alien visitors as an invading force, with an agenda of conquest for generations. To many in America, this has been their only exposure to the idea of extraterrestrials and will likely be the launching point from which they form their opinions about these visitors.

To those concerned with their safety, gun ownership will be the first step toward a better sense of security. People who have never conceived of owning firearms may find themselves in long lines awaiting their first purchase. Even without any signs of hostility, many will not want to chance being unprepared for the worst.

Sept. 11, like other catastrophes, makes people panic, makes them fearful, makes them want to protect themselves and their families against the enemy, who, in this case, is hard to identify.” –  James Alan Fox, Lipman professor of criminal justice at Northeastern University in Boston.

After the terrible events of September, 11th the FBI saw an increase in gun sales rise as high as 22% in the month following the initial tragedy. The reason? Many felt that their government had failed to protect them.

A potential threat without nationality, without supervision, and infinitely more mysterious than any potential threat America has previously faced would exacerbate this particular reaction to previously unheard of heights.

“You can’t sit there and tell me you can protect me anymore, because you can’t.” 6


All public institutions charged with national security would have an uphill battle attempting to retain the public’s faith in their services. With guns sales on the rise, people will try to take their security into their own hands – much to the alarm of local law enforcement.

Any display of civil unrest would be met in much the same way it has been before, but the proliferation of deadly weaponry will definitely spread apprehension within police ranks. The National Guard may be stretched thin attempting to aid a sparse law enforcement in keeping the peace.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

From the White House camera’s begin to broadcast that familiar podium in anticipation for a presidential address of national security. Political leaders urging calm will have never been more scrutinized in their attempt to assuage a frightened public. History will be made in the first statement officially acknowledging an intelligent alien presence in visitation with our growing civilization.

This confrontation may force their hand in exposing a dark truth, “Has the government had any preceding knowledge of these beings or their craft?”

Tension has already gripped the executive office for hours following the event. The first governing body to reveal any knowledge would undeniably hold a seat of authority in the coming transformation of our world.1

Aside from America’s history dealing with UFO’s, officials in the United Kingdom, South America, Canada, Russia, and China (to name a few) have been vocal about their research into the UFO phenomenon since the late 1970’s. Any attempt to seize the opportunity of disclosure could be seen as an act of hostility by the United States.

“The Nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of Data.” 9 – Spanish General, Cavero 1979

The White House’s initiative will be volatile in this way, but it will also be one of the hardest decisions the American government has had to make in regard to its own status quo. With an extensive history of denial spanning at least five decades, disclosure in this way would uncover a deception that would shake the nation to its roots.

With the National Guard already deployed around the country to aid in peacekeeping, a time of Martial Law could take effect if civil disobedience doesn’t improve following the news. Enacting curfews, suspending some civil laws and rights, and the extension of military justice would be law of the land until society can begin working together once more.8

The revelation of anti-democratic actions by government agencies attempting to conceal UFO information would advance a disillusionment of government not seen since the Vietnam War, and the ‘Watergate’ scandal of the Nixon era. Collaborators of the conspiracy would be accused of treason against the state, leading to many senior level resignations.

Despite an admission of secrecy, a vacuum of leadership this large would be too much to allow. The circumstances would grant current leadership a temporary immunity to the allegations until the country could assure its own safety once again.

Trials and Treason

Confidence in our own well-being will not happen quickly, but over time the lack of evidence supporting a hostile agenda will eventually start to impress upon communities throughout the nation. Opinions regarding the nature of the emissary’s visit will be the hot topic on news outlets, talk shows, and podcasts worldwide. 

In the same broadcasts, reactions toward the government’s clandestine activities will begin to take precedence once again. Still unnerved by the actions undertaken by branches of the government, accusations of treason brought about during the hysteria will be reintroduced into the public forum, and eventually to the courts. The legacy following decades of administrations would be under investigation, and their actions reevaluated by the American public for years to come.

Public servants offered to exchange testimony for reduced sentences would divulge details of the scandal, and the information provided will help guide a thorough deconstruction of current political misconduct, legal loop-holes, and outdated practices. A comprehensive outline of this exploitation would have Congress drafting amendments to the Constitution with reinforced transparency, and renewed responsibilities to ensure a deception of this scale could not be possible in the future.

UFOs White House Lawn

The Constitution. Photo by Josh Hallett

Depending on how far the secret is revealed to have permeated the levels of government, a great majority of senior level positions may need replacing. In the event both the President and the Vice is removed from office, the current speaker of the house would be nominated as Acting President as stated in the The Presidential Succession Act, of 1947 10 . This would be the first instance the act would elevate a ‘pro tempore’ President since it’s inception, making history yet again.

This new Acting President would then likely have the task of appointing new directors for the CIA, and FBI as well as promoting new Military Generals to replace their disgraced predecessors. The constitutionally appointed cabinet would have the ambitious task of guiding the U.S. into a new era of leadership in the face of the new reality.

The New Paradigm

Meanwhile, new perspectives on human rights have called the United Nations (U.N.) in New York to a General Assembly to discuss their revitalized sense of purpose.

No longer is humanity restricted to a recently redefined “local” policy within our planetary boundary, but has now been thrust into relations with another extraterrestrial civilization. The question will arise,“Who will speak for the Earth?”

This concept will bring about discussions of international solidarity, and an attempt to define the values that human beings of every nation can agree on promoting. Representatives would have the task of defining how to approach foreign policy with regard to the visitors in the first worldwide talks of cosmic diplomacy.

I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world… – 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan, United Nations.

“Exopolitics” as it is already known will begin to take shape, and become an interesting new frontier for foreign relations and political science. An international agreement would form the basis of what is already recognized by fans of Star Trek as “The Prime Directive”.

We should make it clear that they have no right to interfere. Our planet, our society, and our lives are at stake. We must control our destiny.1

Not only would this agreement be binding to our visitors, but would also lay the foundations of our own conduct in the now inevitable interstellar future. Reverence for the uninterrupted internal development of any planetary civilization could bring a retrospective to our own course of history that begins to trivialize war, and start the path of true international unity.

Even today our world is slowly drifting away from systems of independent nations. Humanity’s nationalist tendencies may begin to change as we move toward a new sense of “globalism”, regarding ourselves as Earthlings first, before nationality.

This effect has been expressed by astronauts viewing the Earth from space for the first time. The “Overview Effect” as it’s been labeled could develop within humanity as many begin to view their existence from a larger global outlook. 12

Quantum Leap

As we would begin to view our own species from the new perspective of space, we may also begin to question how we’ve handled our own sustainability. With demonstrated proof of interstellar travel superior to our own methods of propulsion it’s only a matter of time before science would focus it’s collective efforts in attaining this new method of energy.

UFOs White House Lawn

International flags. Courtesy of Penn State University

Any success in this venture would ultimately bring us closer to interstellar travel, giving us a technological leap hundreds of years beyond our current trajectory. The laws of thermodynamics would be under intense scrutiny, as our current models of physics would be eagerly reworked to fit the new reality.

The E.T.’s very existence would already rewrite our current understanding of astronomy, cosmology, aeronautics,  and biology. Psychology and related fields would have a wealth of data to examine following the world’s collective reaction.

A new age of science would emerge from the chaos leaving much to be desired in light of what is now possible. Science would undoubtedly be a driving force behind continued contact with these beings, motivated by progress hopefully for the betterment of mankind.

Peace and prosperity to this extent will be an unprecedented marker in human history. Progress in the realms of International unity, science, and diplomacy would benefit nations, religions, and ultimately – people, worldwide.

Cosmic Ants

“So… where are they?” Good question.

There is a widely held perspective that E.T’s wouldn’t have anything to gain from humanity and therefore would have little interest to visit us in the first place. This mindset has been expressed by famous ‘sci-lebrities’ such as Niel DeGrasse Tyson, and Dr. Michio Kaku.

We have nothing to offer a civilization that advanced and that’s why I think they don’t visit us. We are arrogant to think that we are so interesting, extraterrestrial beings would travel thousands of light years just to visit us. – Dr. Michio Kaku

Kaku’s outlook comes from the context of encountering a ‘Type 2 civilization’, a civilization able to use the energy of entire stars. Earth is considered a ‘Type 0 civilization’ at the moment; drawing its energy from plants, oil, and coal.

The narrative used in this perspective views humanity much like we would view an anthill in our daily travels. Not recognizing anything remarkable about these little organisms, we wouldn’t even conceive of sharing technology with them to better their society – let alone visiting with them to let them know we exist.

Respectively, the anthill analogy works well when used in the context of energy offerings, but energy isn’t Earth’s only export in a mysterious universe. Earth’s incredible diversity of culture, philosophy, and aspiration is only underscored by its wealth of exotic flora and fauna.

Alien: You’re an interesting species. An interesting mix. You’re capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you’re not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other. Contact. 1997.

With countless anecdotes of personal contact and a history of mass sightings there seems to be some interest, may it be passing or otherwise, by an advanced technology utilizing presence since early human history that has continued into the modern era.

Growth Opportunity

Why haven’t they landed on the White House lawn? The upheavals that our society would endure following such an abrupt encounter may already be well understood by our visitors. After this investigation into the consequences, it’s not unrealistic to assume their restraint.

Understandably there are a lot of variables that can drastically change how we experience this scenario. Our personal actions following such an overwhelming event are entirely our own, and this variability in itself has the power to alter this entire hypothetical outcome for better or worse.

Conquering fear, uniting as a species, and furthering our understanding and tolerance of science and spirituality are essential to our survival in the new reality. How to achieve these goals of personal growth is your decision, but the end result may just open the door for future contact.

How would you react to an authentic UFO encounter of this nature? Let us know in the comments below!

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