The Mantids

An ancient race of Mantis like insectoids that would rather remain unknown...
mantis alien bust
"Formic Queen" (Enders Game) Model by: Hannah Josepher.

The Mantid race is not very well known, but they are among the frequently reported types of extraterrestrials by a few but growing number of the contactees and abductees willing to share their experiences. This fact alone makes the information on these creatures extremely difficult to find and cross reference.

The Mantids, also called “Esticans” by a small minority, are an ancient and respected species that have been seen cooperating along side Greys and Reptilians alike normally in a medical type of setting. They are a fourth dimensional, hierarchical species of technological, medical, and supervisory expertise concerned with the path of spiritual evolution for the life on earth as well as their own well being in the evolving universe.

Mantid Alien Physicality

Like many of the other species, Mantids are generally misinterpreted in their physicality. They are classified by researchers as an “insectoid” which takes the form of a bipedal creature similar to humans with distinct features that we would understand as insect-like.

If you think of the praying mantis insect, these alien creatures do not look like that. The ones I’ve seen, they’re actually very humanoid. They can walk like we would. They don’t have a thorax and an abdomen like an insect would have… – Simon Parkes. (Galactic Connection Interview) ²

Contactees have described them having long narrow faces, with enlarged but slender eyes in a sharp V-like slant within the outward edges of the head, held atop a long snake-like neck with striking resemblance to our native Praying Mantis insect.

The comparison is heightened in the way their forearms and wrists rest in an upright and folded mantis pose, with thin legs limited by an acute bend mid-joint creating a crouched posture. Their overall slender body features magnify their perceived height of around 5-7 feet, and quick, jerky movements solidify the contrast.

Occupational Prestige

Mantid alien illustration by jimG

Cloaked Mantid Illustration by, Jim G.

The Mantids are understood to regulate their society in a class system of only three occupations; Doctors, Pilots, and Officers. ³

The officers are highlighted to receive the commanding title of “Universal Masters” and are easily identifiable by their purple robes. An abductee made an observation that these robes are so fine in texture that they appear more like a liquid silk than a fabric.

The seemingly extravagant title is granted to the officer class for their responsibilities as unbiased arbiters of the universe’s they’ve been assigned to referee within the multiverse. This position is allegedly accepted by a wide range of other galactic civilizations as appropriate based on the Mantid’s precision and impassive overwatch. They rely on the assigned officer for cooperation in sorting out major issues that arise in each universe if needed.


In the cosmic order of species, the Mantids are not the superior agency in the cosmos as it may seem. Instead, they appear to be apart of an ongoing power struggle between the known and unknown hosts of the universe.

Interviewer: …Are they controlled by a higher force?

Simon: I have seen an image shown to me of a pyramid, of a pyramid, of a pyramid, of a pyramid…These are fourth dimensional beings, but there are other dimensions higher – and there are good, and bad. And they’re being manipulated just as some of the human race is being manipulated… -Simon Parkes ¹

The term “fourth dimensional” (in this context) refers to the vibratory state of an entity’s energy. Drunvalo Melchizedeck is a published author and teacher, who claims to have found a vibrational relationship between dimensions that pertains to this idea.

He conceptualizes dimensional existence as octaves of a piano gradually transitioning from one note to the next.

Each dimension is a vibrational node in the unified field. What we can infer from this is that the higher dimensions exist in an energy state that has a higher frequency than our own dimension. This tells us that travel between dimensions is a process of raising or lowering frequency (vibration). -Drunvalo Melchizedeck

In stories surrounding contact with Mantids, there are sometimes incredible details that sound more along the lines of supernatural than our notions of extraterrestrial. But with this concept of dimensional reality, the ability to raise and lower personal frequency could allow seemingly paranormal abilities by the means of phasing between dimensions.

An account by outspoken abductee Jim G., for example, tells his story witnessing a Mantid walk through a wall to escape him.

As soon as it noticed me, the mantis, with extreme speed, extended huge bony legs from beneath its robe and ran directly into and through the wall! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but it’s feet made a clunking sound at it ran across the floor confirming this was a solid object moving through the room! As it ran through, I could see a strange red glow where it’s body had come in contact with the wall. At the same time, a door to a built in wardrobe on the same wall, rattled loudly as if it was hit by some kind of an energy field. – Jim G. (A Praying Mantis Account Part II.)

But beyond the abilities and the apparent power struggle there is an ongoing theme throughout the many interactions with various species reaching out to humanity. The stories and lessons they bring back shape the cores of the environmental, human rights, and anti-war movements. They appear to have interests in our own spiritual evolution.

Mantids and Earth

Unaware that we as a species are in any danger, the Mantid’s message seems similar to that of the Grey’s. At the center of their concern is our spiritual, and vibratory evolution and consequently for our planet’s well being under our (so far) continually failing custodianship.

I woke up, I don’t know where I was but I was standing in front of what looked like a 3-D hologram of the Earth… With no real pattern of context, I was next shown American corporations, and how they won’t stop until they own whatever resources they can lay their hands on. Again I felt the crimes, the pain and the collective greed and sadness of the culture. Capitalism out of control… The rate of information coming at me was becoming too intense. The voice said to me “time is running out, do you now understand?” -Jim G. (A Praying Mantis Account Part III.)

The Mantid’s personal interest with humanity’s evolution seems to be more mutually beneficial as their own evolution seems to have diverged away from their own spirituality and emotion which is critical for their continued growth, and has instead focused their being more on an analytical and technological direction.

In the wake of this realization they have participated with the Greys in their ‘hybrid program’ (via human abduction) to save their species and in the process help influence humanity as much as they are allowed from making the same mistakes.

It is commonly asserted that Earth exists in the third density (dimension) and is approaching an event horizon to the next phase.

The goal is to survive on the Earth, when the Earth makes “the changes”… They want to experience our dimentionality they want to be able to physically feel… I’ve been told that there are some big traumatic times to come, but we as humans are going to be given a choice to either stay on this Earth, or spiritually evolve. – Simon Parkes ¹

Covered Tracks

The Mantid’s silent, and supervisory appearances in people’s lives bring us very little information about their existence outside of what we can gather through narrative. The experiences that have been shared with us have unfortunately brought more questions than answers. For now, it seems that the Mantids have done a fair job remaining unknown.

Then there is the insectoid/grasshopper/praying mantis type that seems to also oversee or direct activity in a supervisory role. Why would anyone imagine a large bug directing an abduction experience? Is this something we would hope for or desire to see? Subjects sense a higher level of wisdom and functioning in this type of entity. Whatever its purpose or origin, we certainly need further study. – John Carpenter. Director of Abduction Research, MUFON.

If you are interested in learning more about these entities from a very candid and credible source, Simon Parkes, an elected politician and lifetime experiencer of extraterrestrial phenomena, runs a few different services to keep up with the latest news he has been providing. His information helped shape a large deal of this article and you can find his referenced interviews in the sources.

Do you have any more information about the Mantids? Please leave a comment below! 


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