The Carlos Diaz Experiences

The incredible witness to the unique "plasma ships" and the beings who use them.
Carlos Diaz' photograph of a "plasma" beamship.
Carlos Diaz' photograph of a "plasma" beamship.
Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz

Sitting in his car to capture an image of the sunrise near Ajusco Park,  Mexico City in January of 1981, freelance photographer Carlos Diaz found himself beneath a glowing fiery orange craft hovering close overhead. His photographs and video have been the fascination of many Ufologists, and have been the feature of a two part documentary, Ships of Light, in which many experts of the time attempted to verify the evidence.

The films produced by Michael Hesemann were the culmination of a 7 year investigation which inflicted about as much doubt as it did validate the claims, making the final judgement of their authenticity hard to pass. Over the years, Diaz’ experience has been largely considered to be a hoax. But his personal experiences and coincident “awakening” toward global ecology match other witnesses’ characteristic transformations after legitimate extraterrestrial contact, making this an interesting case.

A Surprise Encounter

Carlos was commissioned by a magazine to photograph the sunrise on an early January morning in 1981. As he waited in a deserted park near Mexico City he began to notice a faint unnatural orange glow in the valley below.

Carlos Diaz UFO photograph

Plasma ship photograph from Diaz’ car

The glow grew more intense until the source revealed itself as a large, orange, diamond shaped UFO rising silently in front of him. He began wildly taking photos of the craft, following it upward. He stepped out of the car, stabilizing his camera on the hood, and snapped two more photographs before the craft disappeared from view.

Energized from his encounter, Diaz became consumed with reliving the experience. He returned to Ajusco Park night after night trying to replicate the appearance before finally succeeding on a rainy evening in March.

Direct Contact

Diaz had hoped for months to find the craft in the forests of Ajusco, and had returned to his vantage point dozens of times without progress. On a stormy March evening Carlos was navigating the fog and heavy rain, and was again alerted by the familiar faint orange glow in the distance. He left his car and climbed up the valley to find himself witness yet again to the brilliant craft.
I could see the whole dome, the surface had several cavities… I could also see the red spots the ship had, the red areas were brighter than the yellow ones. It was all very surprising.
Crouching near some rocks, Carlos closely observed the emanating dome-shaped craft. This time without his camera he seared into memory the details he saw. However his presence did not go unnoticed, and as he continued to watch the craft he felt a hand grip his shoulder and immediately fell unconscious.

Carlos awoke hours later near the rock pile completely dry despite the downpour he weathered seemingly moments ago. His senses returned to him one by one, followed by the vivid realization of his missing time.

Disoriented, and now in complete darkness he climbed down the valley, and after some difficulty found his car. He turned on his lights and was startled to find another vehicle parked in front of him.

A fair-haired young man approached him from the other vehicle and instructed him to return the following day at noon if he wanted to know more about what he had just experienced. Shaken from the missing time, Carlos was filled with questions about his encounter and accepted his invitation.

The following day, Carlos returned to the Ajusco forest and was surprised to find the fair-haired stranger awaiting him. The man assured Carlos that he was conscious during their encounter, and that to avoid shock his memory of the event would gradually return to him in time.

Over the next few weeks, his memories returned to him piecing together his first close encounter with the luminous craft and the fair-haired young man, though he unfortunately hasn’t gone on record about the details of that initial experience.

Cave of Wonders

However, in an interview Carlos recalled the first time he was consciously invited aboard the craft.

The first time he invited me to go consciously into the ship, I saw my friend getting in first. He went through this fog-like light… What I did first was put one hand into the light to feel, and to my surprise it went through the light and inside I felt a nice temperature. When I took my hand out I was very relieved to see it was still in one piece, so that gave me the confidence to walk in. When I had my body half inside the object I was sucked into a tube. But once you’re inside there’s nothing you can see. You just see yellow light all over…but the sensation is very peculiar, because you feel very peaceful with a lot of love within you. -Carlos Diaz

As Carlos stepped out of the craft he realized he was not where he had entered it. He emerged deep within a large cave populated with natural formations of large stalagmites and stalactites.  Between the stalagmites on the ground he noticed a small collection of what appeared to be Mayan carvings and artifacts.

It became evident that the cave was a settlement for the craft and its inhabitants. A well maintained path kept the cave mostly undisturbed by the many friendly dwellers who greeted Carlos’ arrival warmly.

Shortly afterward, Carlos and his guide came upon a display of 7 egg shaped spheres of golden light, one of which he was invited to step into. When Carlos entered the egg, he described the yellow glow dissipated into a full sensory vision of the forest from the wings of an eagle.

All of the yellow color changed, and it was not yellow anymore but it was a scene of the forest from the air, it was like if I was flying. Then I saw on each of my sides a wing of an eagle, and I realized that what I was looking at was the information from an eagle, his memories that they had stored onto this egg of light. -Carlos Diaz

Each of the other eggs presented an experience from the many different regions of earth’s ecosystems, acquainting Carlos with a greater appreciation for the communion of all life on the planet, and imparting the importance of their preservation.

Spiritual Awakening

Carlos grew an enlightened sense toward global ecology, later becoming a proponent for small scale activism. Recognizing the unique influence we as humans have on world health, and our then limited sensibility toward the declining state of its well being.

We are going through a very important state in human history. We have to realize that the future of us and our planet is in our hands. The world is in the hands of a species which is very creative…If we don’t put into balance the positive and the negative creativity, the negative will destroy life on Earth. -Carlos Diaz

Carlos credited his new admiration of earth’s prosperity to a higher perspective imparted to him from his extraterrestrial exposure. With his ongoing contact and a budding mutual respect for earths ecology they began to cultivate a friendship allowing for more frequent contact.

Pleiadian Origins?

Carlos’ guide was very candid with him and answered many questions during his visits. As they became more comfortable around one another Carlos asked him where they were from, and received a well worded response.

Look Carlos, I can give you the name of any star, any constellation, any galaxy, but what would this tell you? As far as you’ve gotten is your moon, so it makes no sense if I tell you where we come from because you can’t go there to verify it. –Carlos’ guide

Although Carlos’ curiosity wasn’t quite satisfied he found this answer reasonable. However he did hear mention of a star called “Maia” while around the others, and after looking into an Astronomy book found a star with a matching name among the Pleiades constellation. Without a clear answer, he conceded that he cannot be sure if this is a coincidence, leaving this claim open to interpretation.

Examining the Evidence

Ten years had passed when Mexico became host to a mass UFO sighting in July, 1991. During a widely celebrated solar eclipse, a classic metallic saucer was spotted hovering in view of the celestial event.

TV anchorman Jaime Maussan of “60 minutos” made a public announcement asking for home videos of the eclipse for authentication. He received 50 videos, and unwittingly opened the door for thousands more submissions of possible UFO sightings around Mexico.

Among them was the photography portfolio of Carlos Diaz. Maussan was astonished with the quality and clarity of the photos and had them sent to Professor Victor Quesada of the Polytechnical Institute, University of Mexico City for examination.

Carlos Diaz UFO: plasma ships

Carlos Diaz’ photos analyzed by Prof. Quesada, University of Mexico

Meanwhile Carlos remained connected to the appearance of these craft, and with permission he was able to borrow a video camera from Maussan. Soon he was able to capture video evidence of his contacts that became part of material sent for review.

I could not find any evidence to discredit the case. In my opinion it is authentic. I have divided my investigation into two parts, laboratory research and a field investigation. The laboratory part consisted of video and photo analysis. The video was analyzed frame by frame. The tests included a study of the definition, resolution, intensity of fields and colors, and the changes in the spectrum of light from ultraviolet to infrared. – Prof. Victor Quesada

In Quesada’s investigation, the visual characteristics of the ships were likened to the appearance and translucence of blood plasma. The metaphor stuck, labeling these unique craft “plasma ships”.

Quesada’s examination impressed him enough to launch his own investigation around the Tepoztlan valley. With a crew of 10 university professors and 20 students, they were able to capture their own independent evidence of luminous craft in the skies over Mexico City, validating Diaz’ claims.

As “the Diaz material” began to impress UFO hunters and scientists alike, it got the attention of film producer Michael Hesseman. He commissioned further analysis of the photos and video by related experts around the world, all of which were generally fascinated with the evidence.

This has all the properties of coherent light. Not diffuse light, not incandescent light, but coherent light -like a laser. The properties of the direct illumination, and the reflected light are identical as if the reflected surfaces didn’t absorb or diffuse any of the light. That’s really strange?… If  this is a hoax, he’s figured out some very-clever-methods. My conclusion at this moment is that this is an authentic picture of a very unusual phenomenon, and unusual object. I don’t think it’s been faked.  – Jim Dilettoso (Village Labs, Arizona)

Eventually Carlos himself was examined by the famously open minded Harvard professor and psychiatrist, John E. Mack. He spent 2 days auditing and interviewing Carlos, his family and a sample of his peers to analyze their mental stability and intentions before finding them of sound mind.

I think he’s a credible witness. I haven’t found anything about him that would lead anyone to believe that he would make up the story, or doctor photographs or tapes. He appears to be what he says he is, a visionary experiencer… This is a man not capable of the dissimulation he’s been accused. – John Mack

A Dubious Hoax?

Despite the experts verdicts, particular details in his videos still receive harsh criticism. Like any alleged contactee, with his disclosure, Carlos opened himself up to severe scrutiny and judgement from the public.

The most recognized argument against Carlos’ claims is from the personal accounts of alleged UFO investigator, Pascal Lopresti. He claims to have had a personal audience with Diaz in which he got the privilege to view some previously unreleased video footage of the crafts which he claimed to be false.

carlos diaz ufo plasma ship gif

A hovering plasma ship projects a beam

My opinion in this regard is that I definitely doubt that there is any truth to the video.

First: Because he has not allowed to be subjected to laboratory analysis.

Second: He leaves his house to film the UFO and doesn’t have a tripod. He then states that the tripod was lent to him by the aliens (“his friends”).

Third: No human being from this planet can board a plasma ship with his/her physical body and a camcorder. – Pascal Lopresti

Lopresti’s claims are amusingly petty and suggestive, excluding the demand for laboratory analysis which were later analyzed by experts in Mexico, the United States, Italy, and Germany by the commission of Michael Hesemann and reported to be generally accepted as authentic. However, the videos he described watching were released in the Ships of Light: Part 2 documentary and definitely appeared suspicious to the modern eye.

Within the documentary Hesemann himself made an appearance to defend the video’s authenticity, but his night and day comparisons of the reference points in the pitch black film were underwhelming. He may have been touched by the story and imagery of the Carlos Diaz material, but unfortunately his opinion is questionable as he is in a unique position to profit from the authenticity of this case even more than Carlos.

Decades of Contact

The Carlos Diaz material is a convoluted investigation of over a decade of influence. The photos that Carlos took over this time period have brought wonder and excitement to the UFO community just as his video evidence has attracted disbelief and harsh criticism on his experience as a whole.

Even though the visual evidence is hard to prove, he is supported by experts the world over. His new affinity for earth preservation efforts stemming from his alleged celestial visitations is not to be overlooked as proof of a genuine contact experience.

Carlos has described his relationship with these beings as, “a great friendship” undoubtedly based on a mutually beneficial exchange of culture, and resources. However the question remains, why were they here to begin with?

They are here to try and understand why we act the way we do. They have learned many things from us and even admire us as a species because they say we have evolved faster than they did as a civilization. But because of this hurry in our evolution we do not yet realize the damage we are doing to the planet. -Carlos Diaz

 We have already just begun to reflect on our role in planetary health, and started the efforts of sustainability and accountability for our actions as an industrial world. We might do well as a species to follow this lead which could possibly open the door to further open contact with Carlos’ friends, and conceivably more galactic neighbors.

My intention in sharing this (information) is to invite people to act to keep working for life. I invite the people who want to do something about it, so we can keep this Earth alive. I don’t share my experiences with the world to convince people of the existence of extraterrestrial life, but this experience has made me aware of the wonderful home we have. And I do believe that if we learn to respect and love life, the encounter with them will be inevitable. – Carlos Diaz

What do you think about the Carlos Diaz material? Is it an obvious hoax or the real thing? Please leave your comments below! 


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