A History of Reptilian Humanoids on Earth
Reptilian head
Concept: Jerad S Marantz. Credited with Permission.

Hailed as one of the most malevolent races by the most prominent whistle blowers, it is difficult to gain an indifferent view of these beings. The little information available is mostly collected by a few sources recounting personal contact with these species, relayed messages warning humanity about the reptilian agenda from other galactic tribes, modern folklore, and ancient art.

Reptilians (aka. Draconians, Saurians, Sauroids, Naga, Lizard men) are an ancient race of reptile-like bipedal humanoids. They are explorers, genetic engineers, scientists, and warriors reported to be extremely advanced in psychic ability reinforcing their prowess.

Mostly accredited with a heavy hand in modern conspiracy theory, the earliest accounts of reptilians stretch as far back as Sumerian times with peculiar sculptures and art also having a controversial mention in biblical text (Seraphim), possibly dating further back before discovered history.


Reptilian full body concept: Marantz

Reptilians hold the commendable title of “The Ultimate Warriors” and are revered for their prowess in tactical applications. They are described as having a generally familiar bipedal form with scaled skin of a green-beige coloration and can range from unbelievable heights of 7-20 ft tall and weigh up to an impressive 1800 lbs.

A hard plate structure lines the spine externally from hip to the head much like modern body armor over a typically athletic build. Their head holds large eyes dominated with large slit black pupils typical of most reptiles, and a light green iris. “V” shaped slits forms the nostrils on a slightly protruded mouth cavity housing pointed teeth slightly longer than our own.    

Shape Shifters

In addition to their physical attributes the Reptilians have been rumored to display the ability to dramatically change their perceived appearance, or “shape-shift”. This capability has been largely exploited in modern times to a near sensational degree by David Icke in his first book, The Biggest Secret, but surprisingly the ability has a rich history in Hindu and Buddhist mythology told of a species of serpent beings referred to as the Naga.

Buddhist monasticism retains a Tibetan story of a shape shifting Naga who admired the Buddha, and desired to become a monk. The original author is unknown, but is still shared as the origin story for the curious naming of Buddhist candidates.

Once a Naga, a powerful serpent who can take the form of a human being, was mistakenly ordained as a monk. Shortly after, when asleep in his hut, the naga returned to the shape of a huge snake. The monk who shared the hut was somewhat alarmed when he woke up to see a great snake sleeping next to him!

The Lord Buddha summoned the Naga and told him he may not remain as a monk, at which the utterly disconsolate snake began to weep. The snake was given the Five Precepts as the means to attaining a human existence in his next life when he can then be a monk.

Then out of compassion for the sad snake, the Lord Buddha said that from then on all candidates for the monkhood be called ‘Naga’ as a consolation. They are still called ‘Naga’ to this day.” -Abbot Ajahn Brahmavamso, 1998

Icke describes how this illusion is achieved in his book, The Perception Deception, building from the paradigm of the holographic universe. Royal bloodlines play a big part in this as well as it seems to have started with the interbreeding of Reptilians with humans in our very ancient past which created a new bloodline of hybrids.

Shapeshifting only takes place within the decoding processes of the observer. The shift is energetic, not ‘physical’, because there is no ‘physical’. -David Icke

Icke contends these special hybrid bloodlines have been obsessively tended and purified by lineages of “royal descent” since their inception eventually weaving into the elite families of power present in the political, banking, corporate, and religious institutions that shape our world today.

Recorded History

reptilian Sumerian figurineWithin the expanse of human history, Reptilians are depicted as far back as 5900 BCE with the excavated evidence of the “lizard figurines of Ubaid”. They were discovered by Charles Leonard Woolley of the Dept. of Antiquities in Oxford while on expedition at the Al-Ubaid archeological site in southern Iraq, 1922-34.

Excavations of the Ubaid sites in Iraq have exposed a collection of strange lizard figurines, often depicting a female zoomorphic lizard like female suckling a child with a distinctly elongated cranium and almond shaped eyes. No visible ears are present on the clay vessels, and the noses are only represented as slits curiously matching the description of a typical reptilian entity. These stylized characteristics have appropriately labeled the effigies as “lizard” figurines and modern day researchers are still baffled as to the purpose of their likeness.

Exploration of Biblical text uncovers further controversial evidence of humanity’s encounters with Reptilian beings surrounding the translation of a genus of angel called the Seraphim. Described in detail as a six winged, blindingly bright angel with two wings covering the head, and feet while the remaining two keep flight.

The debatable translation comes from the feminine and masculine nouns of the root word “sarap” interpreted as “a burning”, or “a fiery serpent”. The unique mention linking these angelic hosts to the reptilian phenomena lies largely within the book of Isaiah;

“…Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice (basilisk), and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.” -Isaiah 14:29. KJV

It is however important to note that unlike our modern tendencies of description likening appearance to nomenclature, Hebrew classification was directed through behavior. Thus the imagery of a fiery serpent may not be accurate to the outward aspect of these creatures as it may more describe their observed performance.

Nevertheless scholars are still unclear as to the connection between the two nouns, and their strange usage in biblical text. Out of the fifteen words in Hebrew that mean to burn, “Sarap” was exclusively used to describe Burners or Destroyers.

“And YHWH sent among the people the seraphim serpents.” -Numbers 21:6

Mysterious Origins

Other stories have traced the Reptilians upward to the stars, in the fitting star system Alpha Draconis within the constellation Draco, unfortunately the various sources available mentioning this origin are hard to justify, and currently only function as an addition to the modern lore.

According to the fascinating account of an alleged reptilian female, “Lacerta” in her extraordinary document “The Lacerta Files”, the Reptilians themselves cannot trace their ancient history to any single point, but do claim ownership of Earth (referred to as Terra) before the rise of human civilization on the surface. The struggle of perceived heritage between our races adds to the distaste of the human race from their vantage point.

“If you ask me, if I’m an extraterrestrial, I must answer no. We are native Terrans. We had and have some colonies in the solar system, but we originate on this planet. It’s in fact our planet and not yours – it was never yours.” -Lacerta. 1999

Subterranean Cities

Unlike the majority of life on earth, Reptilians purportedly dwell inside large cave systems and subterranean colonies several miles below the surface. Thriving underground with massive ornate architecture and seemingly modern technological assistance from air ventilation systems, artificial full spectrum sunlight, elevators, medical dispensaries, livestock zones, and fusion power facilities.

The colonies remain small, allegedly housing around 900 citizens per city with exception of a few major hubs of culture and population. The structures are described as being a subterranean dome shape with an oval ground plan. A gray cylindrical building acts as a support column to hold the honeycomb net structure of the dome.

Excavation of an assumed underground city of “Lizard people” was attempted in 1933 led by Geophysical mining engineer, George Warren Shufelt. Having built a “radio X-ray machine” of his own design, he mapped a maze of underground catacombs filled with gold under the busy streets of Los Angeles.

“I knew I was over a pattern of tunnels,” the engineer told the L.A. Times reporter, “and I had mapped out the course of the tunnels, the position of large rooms scattered along the tunnel route, as well as the position of deposits of gold, but I couldn’t understand the meaning of it.” Shufelt, L.A. Times

He connected the dots of his baffling discovery after hearing legend of a far advanced culture of lizard people from the Arizona’s Hopi Chief, Little Green Leaf. The Chief told a drama of the lizard people’s escape from natural disaster, using their technology to quickly clear large tunnels to escape their fate deep underground.

For the next year under permit of the city, and on his own expense Shufelt bore a shaft 250 feet into the ground despite challenges of boulders and mud. His efforts were closely followed by the L.A. Times, but after 9 months of excavation no gold or tunnels were unearthed and eventually the project was stopped.

Archetypal Civilization

The little known about Reptilian culture paints a picture of a dutiful race of proud ancestry, not so entirely different from our own. The Reptilians hold to a hierarchal system of authority claiming the longer the tail the more prestigious the class. Those found with wings are considered royalty and command respect from the lower classes, although flight has rarely been mentioned. The aristocratic few are said to have a more pale complexion, of a white hue and irregular brown spotting pattern.

“And this is very common in the non-benevolent or aggressive extraterrestrial structures where there’s a class system of workers, warriors, administrative or priests, and then the hierarchy, the royalty. And the lower you are, the worse you’re treated. We have a history of that here on our planet as well. And we have been taught this by the aliens themselves.” -Alex Collier. 1994   

Scientific development over the millennia led reptilian scientists to back engineer DNA for a more complete understanding of their evolutionary origins, leading them away from a more religious idea of their inception into physical being. However they claim reverence of religious symbolism in their own rituals and understanding, while celebrating milestones of age, and wisdom within ceremony.

reptilian symbolSymbolism has been cited to identify their nation and surprisingly can be found throughout human history If you know what to look for. The eldest of them being the symbol of a blue snake, with four white wings upon a black background.

This one is said to have been copied by early human civilization in our own symbolism, most likely the ancient Egyptians. The more modern being an Ouroboros dragon surrounding seven stars, symbolizing the 7 planetary colonies of their species. Although the mention of seven stars leads some to assume the connection to the Pleiades star cluster, apparently there is no relation.

All over the globe similarities in lore from different cultures telling tales of advanced civilizations of lizard people can be found depicting a proud race of cunning rulers, preferring to be unseen by the populace. Buried from view within ornate underground cities, and claiming ties to distant constellations in our night sky, their story is ancient and extraordinary.

Some believe their presence in history is nothing more than symbolic while others argue for the credibility in our ancestors’ chronicles of their time and experiences. Both of these claims considered, there is definitely something to these extraordinary depictions of reptilian beings.

What do you think? Could there be Reptilians walking among us and underground? Leave your comments below and get the conversation started!


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