Reptilians among us...

Excitement built within the film and visual effects industries following the release of a dystopian short film by the mysterious name of, “Rakka”. The short was the first of 3 announced proof-of-concept films by seasoned director Niell Blomkamp in the launch of his own studio, Oats Studios.

The visionary director behind notable sci-fi blockbusters: District 9, Elysium, and Chappiedebuts the vision of Oats Studios with a 20+ minute feature starring Sigourney Weaver leading a seemingly futile resistance against a technologically superior race of reptilian-like aliens taking over the planet.

Using aliens as the antagonist to explore the dynamics of an occupying force in a foreign land 2, this bleak scenario cites inspiration from earth’s wartime history in WWII, and the Afghanistan occupation for a unique and recognizable perspective rarely seen in invasion themed science fiction.

With graphic imagery of guerrilla style warfare, and adult themes this film is not intended for a younger audience. 

Rakka is one of many more shorts that have already been released in an effort to crowd fund unique films of a similar nature. If you enjoyed this film and desire to donate to their cause, you can purchase your own copy as well as the digital assets used to make the film at their steam page.

At Oats Studios, the creation of Volume 1 required immense resources. Our wish is to receive funding sourced directly from our audience, as we establish a studio fueled by pure creativity and passion. We have many, many more worlds to create and stories to tell, but we need help from people around the globe. Our goal is to create Volumes 2, 3 and more and eventually, full scale-scale features. If you feel positive about what you’ve seen and want more, please support us by checking out our Oats Studios – Volume 1 Assets page where you will be able to purchase additional content. -Oats Studios


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