The Pleiadians

The Nordic ET's presence on Earth is a sign of the times...
Pleiadian Woman
"Daenerys" by Elena Berezina. Used with permission

Avatars of the “New Age” philosophy, Pleiadians (aka. Tall Blonds, Nordics, or Plejaren) are an extremely well known alien race of humanoids, typically described as benevolent visitors by those who experience them.

With their presence heralding a time of great change, this higher dimensional society is concerned with humanity’s anticipated ascension to higher consciousness. Utopian visions of a new world are celebrated by a wide variety of emissaries bringing messages to help guide mankind’s entrance into the intergalactic community.

The Pleiades

If you’ve ever been star gazing there’s a decent chance you’ve noticed the Pleiades Star Cluster. Perhaps one of the more recognizable stars of the night sky, the Pleiades can be seen with the naked eye even through light-polluted city skies. A relatively young star system in comparison to Earth, the cluster is visible in the constellation of Taurus and estimated to be around 400 light years away.


The Pleiades Star Cluster | Credit: T. White.

Greek sailors using the stars’ transit across the Mediterranean sky could reliability track the transitioning seasons and mark an end to the tame summer sailing months. This historical detail is a popular derivative tracing the name of the Pleiades from the Greek root word, plein meaning “to sail”. 

Also known throughout history as “The Seven Sisters”, the stars have been officially named after it’s ancient Greek mythos. The names Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, and Merope were chosen to represent the seven brightest stars in the visible cluster, named after the seven daughters of Atlas.

Atlas and the oceanid Pleione had seven daughters known collectively as the Pleiades… The most well known explanation for their elevation to stellar status is that the hunter Orion fell in love and pursued them with his unwelcome attentions… Zeus then turned both hunter and hunted into stars to continue an eternal pursuit. – Kershaw 1

Star Seeds

While the Greeks saw the celestial ‘Sisters’ in the night sky, contactees express the kindred nickname to be more than just a myth…

According to the generally consistent story, the cradle of “humanoid consciousness” is alleged to have started in our constellation of Lyra. After millennia of development, these forerunners of humanity known as “The Founders” (or “The Paa Tal”) underwent an interstellar expansion of territories 8 arriving in the Pleiades and settling around the young star systems of, Taygete and Merope.6

One expedition is said to have settled a planet called “Erra” and is one of the few that is described in any detail. The planet is characterized as being slightly smaller than earth, but recognizable to our familiar landscape.

Upon discovering Erra’s hospitable but young environment, the Pleiadians themselves had engineered the planet to support life, and today its landscape looked much like the countryside found on Earth, with hills, grass, trees, and running water. They located production and processing facilities in remote regions, away from the population, and utilized nearby uninhabited planets for mining. The Pleiadians told Meier that were he to travel to Erra, he would find species similar to the horse, cow, rabbit, and fish. -Kinder 11

This migration for habitable planets eventually continued through earth’s colonization, settling our world and becoming the foundation for the modern human.

However this information is contested with alternative stories mentioning Pleiadians and Sirians (of Sirius) in much the same light as the ‘Annunaki’. A mysterious race of extraterrestrials accredited with manipulating early man’s genetics and creating the now scientifically baffling “missing link” in our evolutionary chain.

Familiar Faces

If these stories of our lineage are to be believed, it’s no wonder the Pleiadian physicality isn’t just ‘human-like’, it’s near identical. Experiencers of the Pleiadian visitors describe them as being so indistinguishable from Earth humans that they could easily pass without notice by the majority of society today.

Also called “Nordics” for their remarkably Scandinavian appearance, their only distinct features are a noticeably taller forehead, and slightly enlarged eyes. Pleiadian height is generally the same as it is here on Earth but tend to average more on the taller end of the scale.

A fitting description of these beings made headlines around Staffordshire, England during one of the first ever recorded visitations matching this profile. A mother and rural housewife, Jesse Roestenberg found herself face to face with two occupants of a craft hovering above her home, describing her experience in great detail October 21st, 1954.


Jesse: These people, were beautiful people! That’s the only way I can describe them… They had long golden hair in a ‘Pageboy bob’ [hairstyle] just like the old kings, how you used to see photographs of the old kings.

Interviewer: What were they dressed in?

Jesse: They had a sort of a pearl neck ‘jumper’, like a ski top-suit in pale blue… They had beautiful faces, I shall never forget their faces as long as I live. Their foreheads seemed a bit larger, but the bottom of their faces were as normal people, as you’d expect to see… and they just looked [at me], and I was absolutely paralytic with fear, I couldn’t move… and they looked so sympathetic. – Jesse Roestenberg 4


Although these visitors never returned to Jesse, stories of their compassionate presence became widespread in the following decades. The 50’s brought an explosive interest in UFOs, and with it a wealth of abduction claims all over the western world.

A conference was held at M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts focusing on the alien abduction experience in June, 1992. The attendees ranged in expertise from psychiatrists to physicists all comparing notes about their investigations into alleged alien abductions and other related phenomenon.

Although the gray aliens may be the most commonly reported and/or discussed variety of extraterrestrial entity there may be other types worth mentioning. There is a growing consistent pattern of data in regard to what some refer to as the ‘Tall Blond’ or ‘Nordic’ type. He is six to seven feet tall, handsome, with blond shoulder-length hair. His blue eyes are kind and loving. He is watchful, smiling, affectionate, youthful, all-knowing. He wears a form-fitting uniform. This Robert Redford/Scandinavian type is like a guardian angel. They have been seen on board with the Small Grays.” -Carpenter 5

The growing trend in data almost exclusively described male entities overseeing abductee encounters. Yet a small sampling of abduction experiences have characterized the presence of their female counterparts.

With the same distinctive Nordic appearance, these women also were said to possess a slender figure with radiant opalescent skin. This was the case as reported by acclaimed researcher, Linda Moulton Howe, following a family who were abducted into a large aerial craft from their travels along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1987. After returning home, they commissioned an artist to depict the strange details of the human-like beings they witnessed on board the craft.10

Pleiadian_Tall Blond_sketches

1987 New Jersey abduction sketches. Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. 1

[An abductee] worked with a sketch artist to depict the male on the left, about 7 feet tall that was working with the blonde female humanoid. The female had a, “pearlescent translucent complexion.” The abductee thought the male’s eyes were more golden and the female’s, a pale crystal blue. But the abductee compared both of their eyes to a cat’s, in which there are vertical dark pupils and no white showing [around the iris]…

In the lower right corner are two overlapping triangles the tall beings wore on their leotard jumpsuits which signified, “the merging of two worlds”. She did not know what worlds, or why. -Howe 10

The Contactee Era

Physical interactions with Pleiadians being seemingly more rare, the majority of Pleiadian contact has persisted mostly through way of contactees. Since the 1950’s individuals claiming contact with Pleiadian emissaries have proclaimed their messages in the hopes of aiding humanity.

Unlike abductees, channels reporting interaction with the tall blonde beings have not necessarily met in person but claim to have a mind to mind communication with these spiritually advanced entities. These dialogues are more focused on their interests and concerns with the planet and usually attempt to relieve any notions of fear, imparting encouragement for the development of mankind.

“Ashtar Command”

Knowledge of Pleiadian interest with our world didn’t become mainstream until the claimed messages of the exalted extraterrestrial, “Ashtar Sheran”. Commander of the fleets beholden to the ‘Intergalactic Federation’, Ashtar is believed to be an immortal “Christed Master of the Celestial Throne of Worlds”9 becoming a prominent metaphysical religious figure in league with Christianity’s Jesus Christ of what is now regarded by academics as one of the first UFO religions.

Pleiadian Commander "Ashtar"Rising to prominence in 1952, George Van Tassel began claiming telepathic communication from Ashtar which centered around apocalyptic warnings regarding the dangers of detonating the United States’ first hydrogen bomb. 9 After the successful detonation of the H-bomb code named “Ivy Mike”, the channel subsequently claimed unseen intervention by Ashtar and his forces in assistance to our planet’s current survival.

As the religious movement continued into the 1990’s the internet was used to unify the fragmented following and expand their membership base, ultimately leading to its collective decline following the failed prophecies of imminent worldwide contact with the Ashtar fleet in 1994.9 People still partisan to the movement created new guidelines to identify the official messages of Ashtar, and re-oriented with a shift in information away from physical contact and prophecy, and more toward the metaphysical advancement of humanity.

Billy Meier

While Ashtar’s notoriety withstands as the first of it’s kind, none are as closely associated with Pleiadian contact as the Swiss contactee known as, Eduard “Billy” Meier. Meier’s fame began in 1975 following his alleged contact with the Pleiadian (later referred ‘Plejaren’) woman named “Semjase” (sem-yah-see) in which he was actively encouraged to take photographs and video of their spacecraft to provide as evidence of his visitations.

Allowing the stunningly clear photos of ‘beamships’ and their occupants, Meier also claimed to have an incredible sampling of evidence ranging from photographs depicting prehistoric earth life, historical events in low earth orbit, and planetary bodies from his travels through time and space, also providing metallic samples of the craft, audio recordings of the ship, and his own writings transcribed from the Plejaren themselves.

In his journal, he had recorded each of his meetings with the Pleiadians – detailed conversations, some thirty minutes, some longer than an hour. The journal now consumed several hundred pages and continued to grow rapidly…Semjase had told him of life elsewhere in the galaxy, the history of her people, and that of the earth. She had taught him to understand earth humankind’s place in the galaxy. Order exists in the universe, she said, more advanced civilizations teach the less advanced, and spiritual evolution must parallel technological progress. -Kinder 11


Meier “beamship” photo

Meier’s conversations were detailed and wide ranging covering topics from spirituality, the afterlife, the dangers of mainstream religions, human history, science, astronomical phenomena, ecology and earth’s sustainability, in addition to prophecies of future events.12 These discussions included the task of distributing the information he had received in the hopes of assisting mankind’s spiritual evolution.

As incredibly detailed as Meier’s accounts were, his proof has been largely debunked by the ufological and scientific communities. Conclusively identifying his pictures of the extraterrestrials “Asket” and “Nera”7, and finding his beamship photos to be the product of skilled miniature photography.

However Meier’s detailed messages of spiritual growth are a frequent occurrence throughout the myriad of sources claiming contact with Pleiadian entities. Moreover, those who have heard him speak and have read Meier’s journal find the writings beautifully conceived, remarking how complex and sophisticated the ideas are for a man of Meier’s station.11

The Pleiadian Message

Pleiadian encounters often impart a lasting impression in much the same way. These communications typically profess Pleiadians as mere catalysts for self-knowing, and attempt to assist humanity into the next stage of its evolution following a “great shift” as it’s been called by other visitors.

A transition is about to occur, a dimensional shift that will lessen the density of the third dimension so that you will move into higher dimensions in which the body does not have such a solid state…

By working with you, it is our intention to offer you a reminder of who you are so that you can find the greatest source for your own inspiration…

We come back in order to share a frequency with you, a frequency that each one of you has agreed to carry on this planet in order to change the DNA of the rearranged human race. -Marciniak 13

During this energetic transformation natural cataclysms or “earth changes” are expected to take place. These changes often mention a “pole-shift” in the earth’s magnetic alignment inducing larger earthquakes, increased hurricane activity, weather fluctuation, famine,  and drought among other havoc devastating earth’s equilibrium.

These predictions urge action to understand our climate, it’s natural cycles and our impact on its rhythms. During this time also recognizing an imperative to expand our own consciousness, or awareness of how we are treating our fellow man and the environment.

It is believed that this extension of our perception will enlighten us to humanity’s collective effect on our shared reality and swell our hearts with compassion for our current state as a species worldwide. Unifying beyond borders, and illuminating a clear path forward into mankind’s positive future.

They said that we would have a choice as to which way humanity was going to continue… We as a people have the ability to change the course of how much destruction there may be from these natural events… [Also having] the ability to change the thinking of man, and through that change – the way that we live… I was given knowledge from the Tall Blonds about how we would create this unity of man.-Delicado 14

Coming of Age

The Pleiadian narrative is a mysterious one, expressed through a multitude of nuanced and obscure sources. Yet their recurring messages of hope and unity have continually inspired many to endeavor toward their own spiritual growth, and the rising frequency of the planet.

Nordic beings have had an enormous impact on our pop-culture, becoming a widely reported species of contact and appearing in various forms throughout the decades in film, comics, and literature. Our desire to uncover the mysteries of humanity’s early steps to consciousness make the Pleiadian accounts of our origins fascinating in the least.

Their concern with humanity’s well being during our continued evolution shows a kind demeanor expected from a race claiming to be related to our own society. When humanity finally comes of age to join the intergalactic community, hopefully we will find the Pleiadians waiting.

Do you feel a change unfolding on the planet for the better? Have Pleiadians come to assist human evolution? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • Mike
    18 October 2017 at 5:37 pm

    Thanks for the article on Pleiadians. I am a Pleiadian. You ask have we come to assist human evolution? Pleiadians turn negative into a positive. There are negative forces currently in control of humanity and that is a great concern to us because this is a violation of humanities free will. These beings are highly deceptive and aren’t concerned with humanity at all other than to enslave them. You wrote about one of these races known as the Mantis. Their partner in crime is the Reptilians. The Mantis control government / media / and the Reptilians control military / police / because they are by nature more aggressive than the Mantis. However the Mantis can be very aggressive as well. I’ve had numerous encounters with the Mantis and they’ve been hostile encounters. It didn’t go so good for them.

    This planet is a seeded planet by the Pleiadians. We’ve entered into humanities lifetime cycle, but that isn’t the only way. There is also spirit insertion and that is how I came here. My awakening to all of this started on 11/19/16. The Mantis were responsible for this to by the way. It was their attack on me that started it all.

    Thanks again for your post.


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