The Greys

The most famous face in extraterrestrial lore
Grey alien bust
Concept: Greg Strasz and Brett Sinclair. Used with Permission.

The Greys, one the most infamous and widespread race in the known lore of galactic species began interaction with humanity as early as the 1950’s. Serving their own independent agendas as well as assisting other species, they have had a heavy hand in the shaping of our expanded awareness of the populated universe.

Despite their heavy involvement with the abduction phenomenon, many contactees have spoken about their positive experiences with these beings and most importantly their urgent message to humanity. Still today the greys physical appearance is iconic with UFOlogy, and dominates the imagination when referencing the idea of extraterrestrials.


"Skinny Bob" alleged Grey alienInconsistent with common conceptions, there are many types of beings that are generalized under the label of “Greys” all with discernible physiological and anatomical differences. Most of the stories of abduction and lore surrounding these beings depict what is known as the Common Grey.

This subclass has been the popular depiction of their species and is easily recognizable. They are typically described as sexless, 3-4 ft tall humanoid beings with elongated proportions in their arms and legs, dark grey skin and muted external facial features in the nose, ears and mouth.

Their head is unusually large holding massive black eyes with no easily visible Iris. No hair is present throughout the entire body, and they lack muscular definition as well as a detectable skeletal structure. Their psychic abilities are notable and penetrating, and seems to be their primary source of communication.

” …Witnesses said they heard no “words” in their mind, only the resonance of a shared or projected impression much simpler than a sentence but far more complex because they were able to share with the creature a sense not only of suffering but of profound sadness, as if it were in mourning for the others who perished on board the (Roswell) craft.” -Col. Philip Corso. Day After Roswell.

Corruption of a Species

The Common Grey is also the physical base model for their near identical counterpart, the DOW Grey. Not quite fully robotic nor biological, a DOW would fall under the category of a humanoid robot.

With little emotional development and strong telepathy they conceal their motives and objectives with ease. Efficient, dutiful, versatile and programmable their development is said to be the product of perverse multi-generational genetic manipulation from the Reptilian species.

” The Dow were deliberately altered genetically so that they couldn’t reproduce, ensuring they wouldn’t rise up in force against their captors. This forces them to stay very much in the survival mode, making them much easier to control.” – Alex Collier. Letters from Andromeda

Their captors use them for all basic tasks, but their directives have been largely focused on scouting and exaction of underdeveloped civilizations. Actions undertaken by the DOW can be perceived as lacking compassion and understanding in the name of survival.

This could be the reason surrounding many conflicting reports from abductees regarding “the Greys”, also bringing to light the reasons for abductions reported to be centered around genitalia and the reproductive process.

Roswell Autopsy

A medical examination of an occupant aboard the Roswell craft detailed the peculiar anatomy of a DOW Grey to find DOWs are equipped with a special physiology that enables missions of a longer duration in reduced gravity.

” The medical report and supporting photographs in front of me suggested that the creature was remarkably well adapted for long distance space travel. For example, biological time, the Walter Reed medical examiners hypothesized, must have passed very slowly for the entity because it possessed a very slow metabolism, evidenced, they said, by the enormous capacities of the huge heart and lungs.” -Col. Philip Corso. Day After Roswell.

The report summarized further that the beings possessed bones described as being fibrous and resilient, well suited for potential trauma, and held enlarged lungs that like an air tank could store large amounts of atmosphere and slowly release it into their system. In combination with the enlarged heart it would take far less breathable atmosphere to sustain their bodies, reducing the necessity for large capacities of sustenance on scout ships.

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Reports of abduction aboard alien craft have appeared in the media for decades. The now familiar phenomena is generally characterized with feelings of missing time, experimentation, uncomfortable sexual encounters, and sometimes implantation of alien technology.

These events are usually blanked from memory and are sometimes reintegrated through psychotherapy, recurring nightmares, the noticing of peculiar behavior, or sudden remembrances. In the vast majority of disclosed cases the abductees describe the aliens in similar detail, “wrap around eyes”, sharp chin’s, bulbous heads, and grey skin.

The most ridiculed aspect of these events is the remembered encounters of a sexual or reproductive nature. However, the information given in the 1960’s onward sometimes would describe medical procedures not yet introduced to modern medicine. The most common descriptions allude to our now practiced methods of in vitro fertilization and amniocentesis, a pregnancy test to diagnose any abnormalities in the fetus.

A Hybrid Species

In general, the abduction phenomenon from the 1950’s through the 1990’s has displaced the perceived intentions of all extraterrestrial visitors. Although alarming, the means behind such actions were professedly brought to light through an unlikely source, as all information regarding the existence and culture of the “Sassani” species are channeled.

Daryl Anka has been acting as a medium to channel a being named “Bashar” for over 30 years. Bashar claims to be a representative of a race of hybrids called The Sassani (Sah-saw-nee), who are the result of the genetic combination of the human race and the Greys self identified as the DOW.

They maintain their existence on a frequency of reality coincident with a parallel reality 700 years in our future. The hybridization program implemented from the DOW became a success and ostensibly rooted the existence of the Sassani as of 1996.

Physically, the Sassani describe themselves similar to our own appearance. 5 ft tall, with a frail build, white/gray complexion of the skin, wide and upturned Eurasian eyes dominated by an enlarged pupil making the eye appear entirely black. The males tend to be bald, while females have some hair favoring a white coloration.

Their slender presentation is said to be the result of their ability to phase in and out of physicality and into the ethereal where they exist naturally. In their ancient language their planet is named “Essassani ” which translates to English as “Place of Living Light”. Their understanding of the nature of life in the universe being born of living light informed the naming of their species, and planet.

The Sassani’s personal interest in our planetary culture is founded from their heritage, and their quest to understand the “supreme state of being”. The messages of the Sassani are peaceful, and intended to prepare humanity for the eventual contact with other citizens of the universe.

Communications from the Sassani are largely centered on ideas of metaphysics, consciousness, perception, history of the universe, extraterrestrials & UFOs, quantum mechanics, spiritual growth, laws of attraction, sacred geometry and future technology to name a few.

Message to Humanity

Greys cropcircle: Hampshire

The message of goodwill toward mankind is a difficult idea for many to identify with. Film and media have largely developed our ideas and notions toward the intentions of our otherworldly neighbors. With beloved examples of science fiction it is within our own frame of mind that we paint the intentions of these visitors.

Still there exist some fantastic examples of altruistic demeanor, not just from the Sassani, but from other classes of the Grey species well.

One such example formed in August 2002. A mysterious and massive crop circle emerged in Winchester (Hampshire, UK). It depicted a typical grey holding a disc with curious markings spiraling from the center, and three classic saucers over the right shoulder .

It didn’t take long for cryptographers to succeed cracking the code that was hidden in the pattern of blocks. The official message was decoded in the ASCII computing language;

“Beware the bearers of FALSE GIFTS and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much pain but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. (bell sound)”

The message is short and open to interpretation, but gives an overall message of hope. The Greys have endured cruelty, mastered telepathy, and have transcended the physical reality to begin existing in the ethereal. With such a presence in our history and an extended hand for cooperation, the Greys have a large part to play in the coming future of humanity.

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