Ferrari’s UFO

Ferrari's Design Director Flavio Manzoni Designs a Stunning Spacecraft... With a Touch of Red.

Enthusiasm for interstellar travel and UFO culture sometimes find it’s way into the hands of fantastic creative visionaries. Flavio Manzoni, the design director for Ferrari is one of those people and he decided to have a little fun with a passion of his and design his very own spacecraft.

With a belief in UFOs at an early age, Flavio’s fascination with the stories of Area 51, the Bermuda triangle and movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Blade Runner gave him a wealth of ideas to inspire his initial concepts.

ferrari's UFO design inspired by fxx-k

Ferrari FXX K track only hybrid supercar

The design borrows elements from LeFerrari’s F1 style front spoiler, and the FXX K track-only LeFerrari hybrid supercar to form a truly unique concept of spacecraft that showcases the sleek, alluring, and aggressive hallmarks of Ferrari for travel beyond the planet.

“I think it is possible that there are other beings in the universe – more or less evolved, but I also think it’s really difficult to intercept. What if they were living with us already? Perhaps our brothers of the cosmos have done as the first Europeans who conquered the Americas: when the mission ended, they returned home.” – Flavio Manzoni

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