Documentary: Unacknowledged

How far does the secrecy spread?
Unacknowledged documentary review

Marching on Washington to demand the release of government intelligence on UFOs may reveal an unsettling truth… Dr. Stephen Greer once again uses his archive of high-level witnesses to demonstrate how far reaching the structure of secrecy goes within the government and beyond.

Unacknowledged: Summary

Dr. Greer’s “Disclosure Project” testimony briefly showcases many incredible experiences of USAF and NASA personnel having contact with unidentified flying objects in the skies and beyond… Military staff reveal UFO interest in Earth’s nuclear facilities, with apparent concern for their destructive power.

Unacknowledged Special Access Programs are created following the recovery of Roswell material, leading President Eisenhower to warn about the aspirations of the military industrial complex. Elected officials find they are not in the “need to know” of UFO intelligence exposing a shocking misconception about America’s ‘commander-in-chief’ and selected staff.

All outlets of the national media are discovered to have been filtered by a dubious source. Meanwhile government projects to investigate UFOs are found to have disappointing motives.

An outlandish plan for psychological warfare is proposed by the CIA in a grab for ‘full spectrum control’. Future false flag operations are some of the last ominous warnings from famous aerospace engineer, Wernher von Braun.

The “French Initiative” engages a peaceful approach to UFO contact ongoing since 2007. And UFO technology shows promise to transform everyday life for the betterment of mankind.


Unacknowledged concentrates on the diverse portfolio of Dr. Greer’s “Disclosure Project” to highlight how UFO secrecy has been brutally enforced since it’s crude inception. After already exploring the implications of UFO technology in his 2013 documentary “SIRIUS”, Dr. Greer’s focus is a satisfying dive into the details of suppression that are merely mentioned in similar investigations.

Greer expands upon his earlier work with a more somber tone, adding extraordinary personal stories of reality-crushing realizations and discoveries along the way. Between the numerous witnesses, document highlights and highly quotable excerpts from decorated and influential whistle-blowers, this expose’ leaves little doubt of the secret reality just out of reach from public disclosure.

How could a government keep a secret this massive? That’s what they want you to believe…

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Documentary: Unacknowledged
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The Good
  • Insightful new witnesses
  • Highly quotable
  • Document heavy evidence
The Bad
  • Some recycled material
  • Content
  • Witnesses
  • Credibility
  • Production Quality
  • Entertainment
  • UFO Footage

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