Documentary: The Day Before Disclosure

Modern civilization is about to undergo the largest paradigm shift ever...
The Day Before Disclosure Fourthkind Review
New Paradigm Films dives into UFO disclosure

World governments have a wealth of information concerning UFOs, and the “truth embargo” is coming close to an end. When the information is finally disclosed it will bring about a massive paradigm shift to our way of life, and how we view ourselves as apart of the galactic community. The Day Before Disclosure aims to be on the forefront of this disclosure effort to help ease the transition into a new way of being.

The Day Before Disclosure: Summary

Featuring interviews from Nick Pope, Stanton D. Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, Robert Dean, and Stephen Greer, The Day Before Disclosure starts off with a strong foundation of influential figures in Ufology.

Brief introductions to the classic incident in Roswell New Mexico breach the idea that we’re not alone, and the contested results of the first official Air Force study of UFOs show a possible hidden agenda in Project Blue Book. A Japanese airliner makes an extensive close call with an enormous craft, strangely exciting the Reagan administration in the U.S.

British and American military become witness to the most documented UFO encounter in history within Rendelsham Forest. Meanwhile Russia focuses their research underwater following the discovery of giant craft below the surface.

A full time UFO observatory in Norway is established to study the notorious Hessedalen Lights, capturing stunning photographs and video for scientific review. In the U.S., Stephen Greer gathers hundreds of military witnesses to openly testify about UFO intelligence in his “Disclosure Project”.

Mystery surrounds the origin of the “starchild” skull with its intricate bone structure and form. And stories of UFO abduction shed a new light on the perceived focus behind the occurrences, and place value on an overlooked human ability.


New Paradigm Films has undergone a large effort to disclose some of the best evidence modern Ufology has to offer to the casual observer. In the vast amount of cases covered in this documentary, the time spent on each individual story feels rushed as they try to fit as much as possible into a feature time slot.

An experienced viewer may find this documentary barely scratching the surface on most of the bigger cases presented as evidence, repeating some of the same revelations as many films before it. Although many newcomers have begun their journey of belief with this film, and as such it is a great introduction to the sheer amount of evidence hiding just below the surface of public information.

Is there a UFO truth embargo? The Day Before Disclosure is intent to show you there is.

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Documentary: The Day Before Disclosure
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    1. The Day Before Disclosure. Dir. Terje Toftenes. New Paradigm Films, 2010. DVD.

The Day Before Disclosure
The Good
  • Surplus of quality witness testimony
  • Rare interview with Rendelsham Forest Airman
  • Some international focus
The Bad
  • Overuse of audio intermissions
  • Rushed presentation
  • Content
  • Witnesses
  • Credibility
  • Production Quality
  • Entertainment
  • UFO Footage

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