Documentary: SIRIUS

"It's not about proving that E.T.s exist, It's about uncovering how they got here."
SIRIUS documentary review
Dr. Stephen Greer's amazing progress for UFO disclosure

When society can accept the fact of evident extraterrestrial visitation, we can begin to benefit the world with the scientific study of how they are getting here. Dr. Stephen Greer, the head of the famous “Disclosure Project” shares his life story and his contributions toward this very goal of disclosing UFO science, and investing in the future of energy from the discoveries in the SIRIUS documentary.

SIRIUS: Summary

The familiar celebrity voice of Thomas Jane narrates the film, introducing us first to the economic powers behind American government as the source for its ongoing corruption. Stories of visiting astronauts in sacred texts and depictions of strange craft in the skies of antique paintings broach the ancient alien hypothesis.

Dr. Greer leads groups in the desert to take part in his peaceful extraterrestrial outreach program labeled “CE-5”, a controversial fifth classification for close encounters, with exciting results. Breathtaking video introduces the skeletal remains of the “Atacama Humanoid” an alleged alien mummy, and Stanford University’s offer to sequence it’s DNA.

New energy scientists in American history meet their unexpected demise, but inspire future generations to attempt picking up where they left off. Elected officials and heads of government programs find they are not in the “need to know” clearance for UFO projects, further perpetuating secrecy on the subject.

The Disclosure Project gathers hundreds of military witnesses to testify before a live audience their involvement in a UFO cover-up, swearing to declare their stories before congress and within court of law. The Pentagon is charged with losing trillions of dollars in military budget, and the terrible events of 9/11 lay the foundation for the speculated rise in power from the military industrial complex.

The head of an experimental aviation manufacturer makes bold claims about humanity’s interstellar travel capabilities. And Dr. Garry Nolan exhibits Stanford University’s discoveries following the autopsy of the supposed extraterrestrial being with an enlightened conclusion.


Dr. Stephen Greer’s SIRIUS has a refreshingly different focus on disclosure that gives us real world applications for the end of UFO secrecy. The exciting video and photo evidence provoked from his CE-5 program bring much needed original UFO evidence to screen and this pattern continues throughout the themes of this film’s innovative investigation.

Greer’s existential focus is one of the first to appear on a mainstream UFO documentary representing a growing demographic of spiritually focused UFO hunters and contactees. This alone may divide the more scientifically minded individuals away from the legitimacy of this film to their own opinions.

SIRIUS covers a very wide range of topics, and is one of the highest quality documentaries available bringing us original content, new investigations, controversial topics, and high quality guests for the experienced viewer.

Are we ready to accept the reality of extraterrestrial visitation and adopt the technologies they possess for the betterment of mankind? SIRIUS suggests that were far overdue.

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Documentary: SIRIUS
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  1. SIRIUS. Dir. Amardeep Kaleka. Neverending Light Productions, 2013. DVD.
The Good
  • New Topics of Disclosure
  • Surplus of Credible Witnesses
  • Thorough Government Secrecy Critique
  • Exclusive Analysis of the Atacama Humanoid
The Bad
  • Mythological Evidence is Highly Speculative
  • Some UFO video is Controversial
  • Content
  • Witnesses
  • Credibility
  • Production Quality
  • Entertainment
  • UFO Footage

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