Documentary: Ships of Light

The Carlos Diaz Experience
Ships of Light Documentary Review
Ships of Light Documentary Review

Mexico City and the surrounding towns are experiencing unique close encounters after dark. An isolated photographer, Carlos Diaz, gets the opportunity to take clear photographs of the phenomenon, marking him for further positive contact changing his life forever. Ships of Light attempts to capture the fascinating stories of UFO contact happening in the heart of Mexico.

Ships of Light: Summary

Interviews with Carlos relive his story of being witness to a large fiery orange glowing disc hover closely overhead in the remote mountain ranges of Tepoztlan, Mexico while he awaited the sunrise for a commissioned photograph. In the following years Carlos gains a personal relationship with the craft and it’s occupants and is allowed many photographs of the craft in stunning quality.

Mexico finds itself in prime viewing location of a solar eclipse in July, 1991 where a metallic UFO was found hovering in view of the spectacle being captured on many witnesses home videos.

TV Anchorman, Jaime Maussan of “60 minutos” calls out to the public to send in their videos of the eclipse with the UFO to have them tested for authenticity, and receives a portfolio of Diaz’ best photographs among them. Jaime commissions an authenticity study of the material through Prof. Victor Quesada of the University of Mexico City Polytechnical Institute.

Independent investigations led by university professors, students, prominent UFO researchers, and journalists successfully record their own evidence of the luminous aerial phenomenon. Interviews with dozens of citizens, and air traffic controllers watching the skies around Tepoztlan substantiate Diaz’ claims with near identical stories of their own.

Professor John E. Mack of Harvard Medical Studies is appointed to evaluate Diaz and his family’s mental health, concluding that Carlos exhibits no signs of faking, or hoaxing the stories and evidence he presents.


The Carlos Diaz experience is a fascinating feature. The photos are spectacular and really drive the interest of the documentary outside of the repetitive anecdotal witness accounts.

The production itself takes some liberties near the beginning to try and fabricate the amazing spectacles that Carlos has witnessed without informing the audience of the dramatizations. This gives the appearance of incredibly obvious hoaxed film footage, but upon a second glance shows its intentions as an attempt at visualization without special effects. Edit: Reviewing Ships of Light part 2 shows this same video labeled as authentic footage, which unfortunately does not bode well to the credibility of the Diaz portfolio.

However, this incredibly low-budget film does a good job sampling the near identical stories from all walks of life around the southern region of Mexico, and attempting giving credence to the amazing witnessed accounts of Carlos Diaz.

There might be something going on in Tepoztlan, Mexico and watching this documentary will have you considering it.

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Documentary: Ships of Light
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    1. Ships of Light: The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience. Prod. Michael Hesemann. UFO TV, 2012. DVD.

Ships of Light: The Carlos Diaz Experience
The Good
  • Excellent photos & videos of UFO
  • Independent investigations validate claims
  • Photo & video analysis confirms UFO evidence
The Bad
  • Amateur production quality
  • 1990's standard definition video quality
  • Content
  • Witnesses
  • Credability
  • Production Quality
  • Entertainment
  • UFO Footage

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