Documentary: Out of the Blue

A very thorough look at UFOs and how the world governments are handling it
Out of the Blue UFO documentary
A look at James Fox' definitive investigation

UFOs are here and the world’s governments are trying to keep a lid on it.

While this has been the anthem of many other UFO documentaries before it, Out of the Blue: The definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon brings us a startling amount of hard-hitting evidence in the form of historic film clips, declassified documents, and high level testimony that can’t be ignored. The variety and sheer amount of credible witnesses keeps new information flowing throughout the film while you wonder why no-one has made a bigger deal about it sooner.

Out of the Blue: Summary

Close to 30 years after the incident known as the Phoenix lights took place in Arizona, we get the opportunity to hear the story retold from multiple eye witnesses and officials that dealt with the hysteria directly. Interviews with the then governor, Fife Symington give him a chance to set the record straight from his previous reactions and give his own opinions about the military’s dis-information concerning the events that night.

Details about the infamous Roswell case are revisited, and set the stage for the historic precedent of government secrecy within the UFO phenomenon. Dialogues with USAF Lt. Robert Jacobs, and retired astronaut Gordon Cooper tell stories about the military’s secrecy within its own ranks, and personal interest with recorded videos of UFOs.

In the United Kingdom, the famous Rendlesham Forest: Bentwaters close encounter is relived by the 3 US military men that witnessed it, and punctuated further by the alarming statements of Lord Admiral Norton, and Nick Pope of the Ministry of Defense. Meanwhile back on US soil, the “Condon Report” is made to dissuade any further investigations into the UFO issue, and found to be a hoax from the beginning.

An exhaustive military report on UFOs is made by high ranking officers and scientists in Paris, 1999, and published in a civilian issuance of VSD, the French equivalent to Time Life magazine establishing its continued existence in public record. And finally, hundreds of military and government officers testify before a live audience and video feed from the National Press Club about their own UFO encounters and information concerning government cover-ups in Dr. Stephen Greer’s, Disclosure Project.


Risking heresy, the witnesses show a passion for the stories they were telling on screen, and a noticeable amount of concern for the way their claims have been handled by their respective governments. The silent disclosure slowly leaking into the public eye from declassified government memo’s shows a clear paper trail for dis-information and an intimate knowledge of these occurrences beyond the public facade.

Out of the Blue is one of the best documentaries on the UFO issue out there at the moment, and resists any attempt to make wild accusations outside of the evidence provided. It tells it like it is, and I like that.

This documentary is a great starting place for anyone interested in a crash course of the bigger conspiracies on record, and it wets the appetite to dig further.

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Documentary: Out of the Blue
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Out of the Blue
The Good
  • Large and diverse assortment of high level witnesses
  • Highly quotable witness testimony
  • Display of declassified documents
  • Use of historic film footage
The Bad
  • Low quality computer graphics
  • Content
  • Witnesses
  • Credability
  • Production Quality
  • Entertainment
  • UFO Footage

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