Documentary: I Know What I Saw

The UFO cover-up is evident. When will we get full disclosure?
I Know What I Saw Documentary

Representatives of United States organizations have yet to formally acknowledge a UFO presence in the world’s sky, and in James Fox’s latest investigation he’s provoking full disclosure.

Building upon his earlier documentary in 2002 “Out of the Blue“, Fox expands upon the bigger cases presented in his earlier work while adding some personal notes on his journey gathering the information for both documentaries. Just as before, “I Know What I Saw” is full of highly credible witnesses, quotable information, and compelling photos and video evidence making a convincing case that the world is ready to find out the truth.

I Know What I Saw: Summary

Starting with the famous story of The Phoenix Lights we are introduced to one the biggest mass sighting events of recent history, hearing the many eye witness accounts and interviews with Phoenix Arizona officials who dealt with the hysteria directly in 1997.  The National Press Club assembly in Washington DC brings a wealth of credible civilian, military, and government officials to the stand at the National Press Club to testify their firsthand knowledge of UFOs and government cover-up.

History of our encounters with UFOs are highlighted with the stories of the bizarre Foo Fighter phenomenon of World War II, and the military’s steadfast response to the growing excitement with General Stamford’s 1954 address toward UFO secrecy.

The U.S. military presence in the United Kingdom investigates the incredible UFO encounters in Rendlesham Forest changing the lives of the 3 witnesses who came into physical contact with an object they didn’t understand. To the east, Japan Airlines 1628 is one of the first airliners to report visual contact with a truly massive craft for an extended period of time and gathering novel detail.

Air Force officials retell their experience during the Belgium UFO wave, showing an exciting photograph of a triangular craft dashing the sky’s over eastern Europe. Royal Astronomer Jean-Claude Ribe closes with one of the most thorough investigations of European UFO sightings with the COMETA Report, proving as much as 5% of the cases explored were without explanation and worthy of the ‘extraterrestrial hypothesis’.


With many of the same famous tales circulating UFO disclosure documentaries, “I Know What I Saw” adds a personal touch with the interesting stories of the Director James Fox, and his journey all over the world tracking down these witnesses for a coherent account of UFO secrecy the world over. His candid round table interviews with the group of representatives gathered in Washington DC is amusing to behold as their unusual banter about the UFO reality seems commonplace and obvious.

Their famous stories depicted here are some of the best that modern Ufology has to offer, and the number of reputable witnesses in the film aims to dispel the notion that UFOs are only seen by the uneducated and superstitious.

Recycling a lot of material from his earlier film makes “I Know What I Saw” feel as though it has little to offer in the way of new evidence, but this documentary is still a well made picture of the state of UFO secrecy, and the amazing stories behind it.

If you are new to the UFO phenomenon or introducing a friend to the excitement, this is a great film to jump into.

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Documentary: I Know What I Saw
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I Know What I Saw
The Good
  • Historical archive footage of testimony
  • Rare video of the Phoenix Lights
  • Disclosure Project witnesses talk candidly
The Bad
  • Much recycled footage from Out of The Blue
  • Content
  • Witnesses
  • Credibility
  • Production Quality
  • Entertainment
  • UFO Footage

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