Debunked: Kubrick’s Confession

A viral video tells all. Did Stanley Kubrick confesses to faking the moon landing?
Kubrick moon landing hoax
Did Stanley Kubrick really fake the moon landing?

Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, in a history shattering interview confessed to filming the moon landing just before his death in 1999.

The problem is, that wasn’t Stanley Kubrick.

Kubrick Moon Landing Hoax

Having any interest in space exploration, there’s little doubt you haven’t already seen a variant of this viral video (above). “Stanley” keeps us in tight suspense as he slowly lets his guard down to tell the world his biggest secret.

I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, which I am now about to detail, involving the United States government and NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings ALL were faked , and that I was the person who filmed it. -“Kubrick”

If this were true it would be the worst fraud ever executed in the history of America.

The work of an estimated 400,000 engineers, technicians, & scientists and close to $24 billion dollars ($100 billion in modern equivalent) proven to be a costly false flag operation of deception.

The faked interview circulating the internet since Fall of 2015, depicted Kubrick spilling all the details about his alleged involvement with Neil Armstrong’s moon landing in 1969, following the release of one of his best known works “2001: A Space Odyssey”. After the interview’s announcement, the previously unknown independent film maker, T. Patrick Murray was shown to be the source of the remarkable “confession”.

Murray’s independent film titled “Shooting Kubrick” was released as a rough cut version through his Vimeo and Youtube channels in December 2015. The film tells the tale of Murray’s alleged adventure to get an interview from the reclusive director who instructed him not to acknowledge their meeting, or the contents of their discussion for 15 years after his death. Serendipitously getting the video mere days before Kubrick’s passing (according to his website for the film.)

The viral video exposing the confession, was the culmination of Murray’s independent film.

Leading the Witness

Kubrick moon landing hoax: Real Stanely Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick

The release of the rough cut version comes as a bit of a shock after an alleged 15 years to prepare it for debut. Even still the video proved to be a successful attempt for self promotion.

Between the abrupt jump-cuts of movie clips and interview footage, it’s easy to notice that the man in the footage doesn’t resemble the real Stanley Kubrick when compared to any image you can easily find online. The vague resemblance is only achieved by high contrast lighting, a beard, and a growing public naivety of Stanley’s appearance.

Furthermore, unedited versions of the film were released in September and clearly presents Murray coaching his actor much to the frustration of them both. Murray loudly calls attention to “Tom”  before instructing him further on how to tell the story.

You don’t say he said anything. You say what he says. Tom, I’m giving you directions! You don’t have to imitate him (Richard Nixon). You’re not reporting it. You’re repeating it … We’re doing exposition here. That’s how we’re going to sneak it in. -T.  Patrick Murray¹

The last nail in the coffin was in a statement made by a spokesperson on behalf of his widow, Christiane Kubrick,

“The interview is a lie, Stanley Kubrick has never been interviewed by T.Patrick Murray, the whole story is made up, fraudulent & untrue.”

Sorry believers of Earth-bound history, but this one appears to be false.

Apollo 11 brought the first astronauts to the moon on July 20, 1969 carrying Neil Armstrong, and “Buzz” Aldrin to the lunar surface. As he took the first steps on the moon, Neil made the famous quote, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

After Apollo 11 made contact with the moon, NASA had five more successful lunar landing missions with the last astronauts of Apollo 17 leaving the lunar surface December 14, 1972. NASA recently released more than 8,400 photographs from the Apollo programs into the Project Apollo Archive. The gallery is available for public viewing on Flickr.

Do you think the Apollo missions made contact with the moon? Leave your comments below.



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