noun: UFO; plural noun: UFOs

  • a mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found.

1950s: acronym from unidentified flying object .


In today’s pop culture the word “UFO” has gradually shifted to mean alien spacecraft. The accurate definition of a UFO is exactly as its acronym implies, a flying object that the observer is unable to identify. Most UFOs are not extraterrestrial craft, but it’s the personal opinion of this publication that some may be of otherworldly origin.

The UFO phenomenon is a very complex story requiring years of study to understand the basic nature of their presence here. This realization deters most investigators from even attempting to grasp the enormity of this amazing issue, and has inspired this project to take an initiative toward the better understanding of this phenomenon.

The UFO events discussed on this archive represent a fraction of legitimate UFO events that have occurred in our recent history. They are selected because of their quality, importance and possible impact on world consciousness.

This site has been created as a starting place to point the way toward a realization. It will attempt to catalyze the recognition that we are a single species undivided by borders and differences as we look upward into the heavens and wonder.

It will investigate the history and lore surrounding this fascinating reality, and in the telling of these stories will attempt to educate the curious about the energetic, spiritual, and exo-political issues surrounding the UFO phenomenon in the most solid and understandable way possible and help to find some foundation in a subject that is riddled with inaccuracies, un-cited research, disinformation, and misidentification.


If you’ve chosen to be a part of this wild ride… Welcome aboard.

-Fourth Kind

“Stepping out into the universe we must confront the reality of interstellar travel. We must reach far beyond our own life spans, and think not as individuals but as a species.” -Prof. Caine, Interstellar

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